Clothing Attire at the Driving Range

The driving range is a place to go and practise your golfing technique to improve your handicap and overall golf game. They are open to the public and are also found in private golf clubs. But what clothing attire should be worn at the driving range? Does it differ to clothing worn at the golf course?

Firstly, when you go to the driving range, whether at a private club or public place, you are going there to practise for your own personal improvement. You are not in competition with others or on show. So therefore there is no need to wear your whites or whatever clothing your golf club specifies for the golf course. There may be more restrictions at a private club driving range, so just go along with their rules. A public driving range may have little or no restrictions,and so the idea would be to dress for comfort and ease of movement.

With the driving range taken into consideration, you can then dress appropriately for the weather. If the weather is hot you need to protect yourself from sunburn and overheating. A good choice then would be to wear cotton as it is soft, comfortable and flexible. Cotton keeps you cooler and drier as it helps sweat evaporate away from your body. If the weather is cooler, then start the game wearing a long sleeved top and sweatshirt or light jacket and remove a layer later if desired. womens driving shoes

Whatever you wear, clothing needs to fit well and be comfortable. A suitable top could be a t-shirt or polo top. Some clubs require you to wear a collar. But remember, tops should be not too tight and not too loose. Tight tops may interfere with breathing. Loose tops may interfere with the swing. Women should wear a good supportive bra. For the lower half, pants like casual khakis or shorts when it is hot, can be worn. Make sure shorts are made from soft, breathable materials and that they fit well and are long enough to stop the thighs from chaffing. Shoes need to breathe well, have good traction for safety and fit well for comfort. Many golfers wear golfing shoes with cleats for practising. In fact many golfers want to look like a golfer who knows what they are doing and so feel good wearing the same clothing at the driving range as the golf course. This makes them feel good.

So all in all, clothing attire at the driving range should be comfortable and fit well with ease of movement with the weather taken into account. It can differ from the clothing worn at the golf course depending on which driving range you play at. However some golfers like to wear the same clothing at both places.